We grow a wide variety of seasonal flowers and foliage for local florists and farmers markets, and create one-of-a-kind arrangements for small special occasions.

Most of our flowers are started indoors under lights during the winter, and planted out once any chance of frost has passed. Everything here is grown out in the field - no greenhouses for us!

Flower varieties are carefully chosen each year, with much thought given to colour and form, vase life, performance in the field and what florists or market goers might be looking for in the upcoming season. It’s a tough decision making process and not everything makes the cut each year - growing on a small scale mean that the bar is set quite high!

We put a great deal of care into everything we grow and choose to use only approved organic products - from the fertilizers we use, the soil amendments we apply and pest control methods we employ.

You can find us every Saturday from June until mid October at the downtown Georgetown Farmer’s Market. We have something different every week! We are also available for custom orders, including small event florals.

We are pleased to offer local florists wholesale pricing for our flowers. If you’d like to be included in our weekly availability list, please let us know!